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For over 15  years, we have been involved in most every aspect of residential and commercial real estate in United States. Throughout our experience, we have developed the recipe for increasing conversion rates and reducing vacancies. It boils down to the difference between fishing and hunting. Traditional real estate focuses on the bait, the marketing of a property, whether for sale or lease. Then they wait for a nibble, or a prospective buyer or tenant. But there are a number of reasons why a prospect doesn’t take the bait, including having not seen the ad, or seeing the ad and just meaning to call but never getting around to it. 

We have developed a more hunting approach. A hunter studies the prey, tracks it, finds out what its habits are and its interests then waits for the prime moment. We scour social media and the internet in our market areas and comprise an extensive list of seekers. People who are in the market for a new home or commercial property to buy or lease. Then we match them to our available inventory on a personalized and exclusive level. In doing so, we make a connection with the prospect that continues throughout the purchase or lease. We believe that customer satisfaction isn’t about policy but actions. For Property Management this means that we contact our tenants monthly and chat, find out what is going well and what is needing attention. We maintain that personal approach to customer care

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